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One True Loves


One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Emma met her true love in high school. They move to LA to go to college and then they get married. After 1 year of marriage, Jesse goes on a business trip and never comes back. Emma is torn and lost without Jesse. She moves back home to Acton, Massachusetts. It is there that she finds love again in an old friend, Sam. They fall in love and get engaged. Until one night, Jesse calls her after three years. Her first love is alive.

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After I Do


After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

What happens after happy every after? What happens when the couple gets together and get married? Is it perfect?

This book is about the after. The after marriage.

Lauren and Ryan has reached a breaking point in their marriage.  Continue reading “After I Do”

Maybe in Another Life


Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Hannah Martin is sort of a lost soul. She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life at the age of twenty-nine and lives from city to city.

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