My Review

This book is so uniquely Penny. She has this way of making her books so relate-able. Her characters are real and interesting.

This book is no different. Laws of Physics is the second trilogy in the Hypothesis series. This book, Laws of Physics parts 1 (MOTION) ends with a cliffhanger. But the book is so worth the cliffhanger. I’m thankful I only have to wait a month to read this book but I’m dying to read it too! I have to know what happens next. It was seriously getting so good.

Mona is filling in for her twin sister, Lisa. Lisa always is in trouble while Mona is a science genius basically. Mona has to fly home and by watched by their brother’s friend, Abram, until their parents get back. It’s all very mysterious but you can definitely tell there’s going to be some juicy stuff happening.

Sure enough, things get quite interesting and the book ended in such a surprising spot!

I love the fact that Penny addresses a certain topic in this book and she does not do it lightly but it’s just well written and I’m curious to see about how that goes throughout this series.

Overall, I love this first book of the Laws of Motion trilogy and can’t wait to read more!