My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows

This is a story about Lady Jane Grey and her cousin, King Edward. King Edward has just receive news about his illness, aptly called “the affliction.” So he sets up his cousin Lady Jane to marry a complete stranger and son to his adviser, Lord Dudley.

Now this is just the beginning…

Lady Jane finds out her betrothed spends his evenings with different women. She is outraged that her cousin would do this to her. After confronting him, she concedes to marry Gifford. But as it turns out, Gifford or G is a horse by day and man by night.

This does not bother Jane except that everyone knew about it except that no one told her about it.

<spoiler> King Edward soon finds out that Lord Dudley has been trying to poison him. Even his sister, Mary. His other sister, Bess, tries to help out though and helps Edward escape. His escape only happened because Edward too was an Edian. He flew away to safety where he meets Gracie, another Edian, and she helps him go to his grandmothers place to heal.

Now, Jane was on her honeymoon and was just about to kiss G when they were disrupted and summoned to the Tower of London. It’s where she learned that Edward is dead and that she was named Queen of England. Shocked and in a state of despair, she does her queenly duties until Mary comes with an army to take the throne from her.

G and Jane end up escaping death and eventually meeting up with Edward. Together they plan to take the crown back. With the help of all the Edians, especially the Pack, France and Scotland. They were able to confront Mary and take the throne back.

Now poor G and Jane only had a couple of minutes to spare together before the other turns into he Edian animal form. After, they realized their love for each other, they were able to overcome the transformation. They lived happily ever after. </spoiler>

I really enjoyed this book. You get 3 POVs: Edward, Jane, and Gifford. You get to see Jane and Gifford’s relationship develop. Edward’s journey to escape death.

It was a nice twist on history. I love books about history. It’s also very hilarious. The authors make side notes and comments that are just hilarious. I was laughing throughout the whole book.

It was a very quick read too. I was honored to get this book through not one but two book subscription that I’ll post later on. So I did a buddy read with my friend with my extra copy.

Plus maybe I’ll consider doing a giveaway for the extra book! Who knows…

Read June 29 to 30

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