One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Emma met her true love in high school. They move to LA to go to college and then they get married. After 1 year of marriage, Jesse goes on a business trip and never comes back. Emma is torn and lost without Jesse. She moves back home to Acton, Massachusetts. It is there that she finds love again in an old friend, Sam. They fall in love and get engaged. Until one night, Jesse calls her after three years. Her first love is alive.

The story then goes back and shows how Jesse and Emma fall in love. Emma starts with crushing on Jesse but never dreams that he would even look at her until one graduation party. They bump into each other and end up getting arrested for underage drinking. They talk and realize they have similar ideas and end up kissing for the first time at the station.

They move to LA together for college and get engaged. They get married at Jesse’s parents cabin up in Maine. They both have jobs they love and travel all around the world together. Until the day before their first anniversary. Jesse leaves for a job up in Alaska. His helicopter crashes and they don’t find his body.

Emma has lost the love of her life. She denies the truth and believes Jesse will come back.

Months later, she moves back home to Acton, Massachusetts and lives with her parents. She ends up helping out with the family book shop and develops a life for herself.

After two years, she meets Sam, the boy who worked in her family book shop. They reconnect and Sam asks her out. She accepts and they hit it off. Their first date lasts all the way to morning. Sam has always loved Emma and knows she loved Jesse and maybe still does. He’s patient with her and even says he’ll wait until she is ready to marry him. Emma has fallen in love with Sam so they get engaged.

Everything falls apart when Emma finds out Jesse is alive.

When Emma sees Jesse, all the feelings for him came back like it never left. She is torn between Jesse and Sam. Sam is crushed that he is losing Emma to Jesse again. He gives her time to explore what she wants.

Emma and Jesse end up going up to the cabin in Maine for three days. Jesse has been through a lot but thinks they could just pick up where they left off. Emma ends up realizing the girl Jesse fell in love with is no longer here. Emma has changed and she realized Sam is who she wants to be with. Emma and Jesse have their last moments together and have come to the conclusion that they are over.

Emma comes back and goes to Sam but he ends up coming to her and wants to fight for her.

The story is just beautifully written. I love reading how different Emma loves each guy. How different she was in general.

I just came back from my trip and I have other reviews to do but once I got this book, I had to read it and review it.

Read June 7, 2016

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