Chasing River by K.A. Tucker

Twenty-five year old Amber Welles is finally ready to use her saved money to experience more of life outside of her small town. She starts her trip off in Dublin, Ireland.

Everything is already starting out great. Amber is running late for her tour trip on her first day. Thinking she might save time cutting through St. Stephen’s Green park, she runs and ends up almost being blown up from a bomb planted there.

Enter River Delaney. He saves Amber from being killed by the bomb. Only because his brother, Aengus was the one who planted it. Aengus is involved in part of the reformed IRA in Ireland. He just recently was released from jail and causing all kinds of trouble for River and his family.

Amber is a little shaken up from the bomb incident. She wishes she could thank the young guy who saved her but doesn’t know his name or anything. Until she ventures out of her apartment and runs into a guy wearing a shirt that looks very familiar.

The logo was on the shirt of the guy who saved her. She tracks it down to a family pub where she finds River.

River is just as surprise to see her. He tries not to get involved with her but after a wallet stolen from his pub. He continually saves Amber from her troubles and ends up showing her a different view of Dublin.

Their connection and relationship is threatened when the detective comes investigating River and his brother Aengus.

Amber is confused because River kept his path hidden. She also lives all the way in Oregon and River is in Dublin. She doesn’t want to give up her plan to travel to all these other places for the possibility of love.

After an explosion of River’s family pub, River realizes the dangers his brother is involved in and demands Aengus turn himself in.

Amber’s one night stand with a foreigner ends up being the love of her life.

This was a very sweet story. I can very much relate to Amber’s desires to travel. I love that this story was set in Dublin. I loved Ireland and I loved Dublin. It made reading the book better because I could visually see some of the scenery and landmarks.

Amber’s relationship with River was hot. The chemistry they have with each other was strong.

Read from March 06 to 07, 2016

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