The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck

An old and beautiful wedding chapel brings together lost love and renewed love between two different couples.

Jimmy Westbrooke built a wedding chapel in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee for the love of his life Colette Greer. She was the one who got away. After about 60 years, a realtor comes wanting to sell the chapel. People from a magazine also wants to display pictures of the chapel.

This is where Taylor comes in. She gets the job to take pictures for Architecture Quarterly from her husband, Jack.

Now Taylor and Jack are both from Heart’s Bend but moved to New York years later escaping their hometown. Jack with his deadbeat dad who put him in foster homes after foster homes. Taylor, who’s job keeps her busy and the strained relationship between her father keeps her away from home. She’s the granddaughter of Peg, Colette’s sister but Colette is not close to Taylor. They had a brief date back in high school. They meet in New York and fell in love and during a trip to Martha’s vineyard they decide to elope after just a couple of weeks together. Six months have past and both of them feel as if their relationship is slipping away.

The story is told from 4 different people: Jimmy, Colette, Jack, and Taylor.

As you read, you find out what happens to Jimmy and Colette in the past to see how they are today through memories that they live through. Jimmy built that chapel for him and Colette to marry in but that never happens. Colette and her sister, Peg, move in with their aunt and uncle after their parents died because of the war in London. This is where they meet Jimmy. Both girls fell in love with Jimmy but Jimmy only loved Colette. Colette and Jimmy pledge their love and consummated it in the chapel before Jimmy went to serve in Korea. But a misunderstanding takes place and Colette leaves for New York City before Jimmy returns from service.

You also read about Taylor and Jack. They rushed into marriage and both are unsure of the other person’s serious commitment to this relationship. Taylor thinks Jack is not in love with her since he’s always distant and comes home late from work and sleeps on the couch. Jack thinks there is something going on with Doug Voss, Taylor’s ex, and Taylor because of his constant texts. He’s afraid he might lose Taylor because he can’t express his love for her.

*************************Spoiler Alert Ahead!!!!*****************************

Taylor finds out she is pregnant when she is back in her granny’s house sorting through stuff and figuring out what to do with the house. She’s afraid to tell Jack because he’s told her he doesn’t want kids. It’s there she finds a letter from granny saying she has this secret.

The secret ends up being Colette had a child with Jimmy during their moment in the chapel. Peg had forged letters from each other saying they should move on and not wait for the other. So Colette feared telling Jimmy because he told her not to wait for him and being unwed and pregnant is not good during that time so she decides to give her child to Peg and Drummond to raise as their own. The condition was that Colette never come visit and never tell Jimmy. So Taylor’s father was Jimmy and Colette’s son making Taylor their granddaughter. What a surprise!

Taylor tells Jack about the baby when he came back to fight for their relationship. She surprised him. Jack finds his foster parents want to adopt him and make him their child which puts him into perspective and realize he has family that cares for him. Taylor finds out the anger she has at her dad was mistaken. He did not have an affair and was comforting someone who’s husband was having an affair with Taylor’s mother. Taylor and Jack learn to talk and pray together which was so sweet.

I love all of Rachel Hauck’s books that I’ve read. I love her religious aspect and I always feel affected after I finish reading her books. Read more of my opinion in my Goodreads Review.

Read from February 16 to 19, 2016.

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