After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

What happens after happy every after? What happens when the couple gets together and get married? Is it perfect?

This book is about the after. The after marriage.

Lauren and Ryan has reached a breaking point in their marriage. 

They realize they do not love each other anymore and are constantly fighting over every thing. So they decide to take a year off from their marriage with no contact whatsoever.

It is heartbreaking to see them reach this point after 11 years together. It shows how they fell in love and got married. It was sad to see this perfect couple grow apart.

Lauren is upset for the first few months. She ends up logging into Ryan’s email and finds saved drafts addressed to her. She sees that Ryan is as torn up about the separation as she is. The breaking point was when she sees that Ryan has met someone.

Her friend Mila has been meaning to set her up on this blind date. Lauren agrees once she sees Ryan has moved on. So she tries the date out and meet David. They get along well because they are both missing their ex. They become friends until one night things go further. They become friends with benefits.

Meanwhile, Lauren bonds more with her sister Rachel and encourages her to open up a bakery since she makes amazing baked goods. She also learns that her little brother, Charlie knocked a girl up and is going to be a father. Her mother has found love.

Throughout the months, Lauren learns she is capable of living without Ryan. She questions if she should get back with Ryan. Especially after reading a final letter where he broke it off with the girl and misses her.

She realizes what she wants when David takes her to a Lakers game and it felt like the whole Dodgers game at the beginning of the book with Ryan. She realizes that she’d rather go through all that trouble with Ryan than anyone else.

Things especially become clear when her grandmother is in the hospital for cancer. She realizes she misses Ryan and his comfort for her. She wanted someone to be there for her.

Ryan ends up reading her drafts for him and comes to her. Charlie’s baby also ends up coming.

It was a celebration of life and death. It was about not giving up.

“All that matters is that you open your heart, give everything you have, and keep trying.”

Read January 10-13, 2016

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