Winter (The Lunar Chronicles #4) by Marissa Meyer

The last installment of this series. This story focuses more on Winter and her history. It tells more about her relationship with her childhood friend who is now a palace guard, Jacin. It explains why she acts the way she does.

Winter joins Cinder and the other girls in a big take-down of Queen Levana.

The final conclusion of this story continues after Cress where Cinder had just kidnapped Emperor Kai. Their plan is to attack Levana on Luna. There is once again separation going on within the group. Cinder is exposed to Lunar people that she is Princess Selene and is back to take her place at the throne.

Lots of revolting and fighting going on. Many deaths sacrificed such as Wolf’s mother.

The epic ending was a little of a let down. But it did end nicely.

I loved this ending to this series. Lots of humor from Thorne throughout the book as comic relief amidst the fighting. I was really excited to read when Wolf and Scarlet finally reunited. It was sweet especially since Scarlet got to meet his mom too. He was all possessive of her only then to get separated again. It seems they are separated most of the time. Great ending to the series.

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