The Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward

The Bradford family is the kings of the bourbon capital of the world. They are wealthy and live in their estate, Easterly. 

The story takes place two years after Lizzie King, the head gardener at Easterly, fell in love with Tulane, a son of the bourbon dynasty.

Lots of drama happening. Tulane comes back home from New York when the Head cook who was like a mother to him and his siblings get sick. He sees Lizzie and remembers what they had and tries to rekindle it. Meanwhile, his wife is trying to rope him back and put charges of assault om him.

His poor brother is crippled and enjoys the casual women when he mistakes one of them for the girl he loved before he got hurt.

His father is ruthless and is sleeping with Tulane’s wife while his own wife lays bed-stricken.

Tulane discovers secrets about his father. Lots of deaths and secrets come out.

This book had a little bit of everything. So much drama and I was left hanging. I need the next book in this series.

Goodreads Review

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