Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck

Susanna Truitt is just an ordinary girl who was with someone for 12 years while he was in the Marine. The man ends up breaking up with her claiming he “found the right ring but not the right girl.”  Susanna is lost. Her planned life is in ruins. 

Prince Nathaniel is on a holiday in America. His one last hurrah before he has to be King. His duties and pressures from his family to choose a bride has him questioning what he’s meant to do.

Nate ends up meeting Susanna under a fabled Lover’s Oak when her car breaks down. He pulls over to help her. They form this friendship. Nate never tells her his true identity, more like omits it.

He tells her when his feelings start to come to light that he is a prince and is not able to be with her.

Their situation is not ideal. He is a prince who has to leave because his father dies and he is next to become king. She is just an ordinary girl.

When Nathaniel leaves, Susanna questions her feelings for him. She gets an invitation to Nathaniel’s coronation. Nathaniel’s mother and brother comes up with a plot to fly Susanna there so they can show him that she does not belong there.

Her and her sister both fly to Brighton for the coronation. Meanwhile, Nathaniel is unsure of what he felt for Susanna but it all becomes clear when he sees her again at the coronation.

Nathaniel has to choose… her heart or his kingdom.

The ending was perfect.

I love the simplicity of this book. Their relationship slowly developing. Nate gets advise from Susanna about his duties and God’s will. I love the Christian aspect of this book. It was a modern day fairy tale. I love Rachel’s books. This was just a lovely read.

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