Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino

A sweet love story about second chance.

Grace and Matt meet in college and become friends. This friendship turns into love. Then they lost touch the summer after they graduate. Grace went to play in an orchestra. Matt went to work for National Geographic as a photographer.

The story starts 15 years after college where they meet on a subway platform.

Matt ends up putting a post on Craigslist missed connection page. They end up meeting up again. Matt ends up learning about a secret Grace has kept for years. They found out there was a misunderstanding all those years ago.

They learn to give their love a second chance.

This book was beautiful. I love how the story was broken up. It starts with their meeting 15 years later. Then, the story takes us back to how they met and fell in love. The last part is back to the present day to when they actually meet. It’s a story of first love and second chance love.

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